Vida Neuwirthova - Your Prague guide

Vida Neuwirthova – Your Prague guide 

Pilsen synagogue


5 hours

It is the chief cultural, historic and economic center
of Western Bohemia. Pilsen is known mainly for its famous beer,
Pilsner Urquell. The local Brewery Museum therefore welcomes
more than 150 thousand visitors every year. What is also important
to see is the Great Synagogue - the second largest synagogue
in Europe.

< Great Synagogue in Pilsen

Karlovy Vary

6–7 hours

Kolín + Kutná Hora

6–7 h.


full day


Karlovy Vary or Carlsbad is a spa town, approximately 130 km (81 mi.) west of Prague. It is named after Charles IV, Holy Roman Empiror and King of ...

There is an old Church of
St. Bartholomew and nice historic centre in Kolin. Jewish settlementis dated from 14th century. The ghetto ...

It is a richly historical city set
into a harmonious landscape, has often been called a place of relligious tolerance and respect. From the hill, ...

Trebic, Telc
full day

Cesky Krumlov
full day

Prague Sightseeing
1/2 day

Jewish Prague
3 hours

Terezin Memorial
5–6 hours

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