Vida Neuwirthova - Your Prague guide

Vida Neuwirthova – Your Prague guide 


Kolín + Kutná Hora

6–7 hours

There is an old Church of St. Bartholomew and nice historic centre in Kolin. Jewish settlementis dated from 14th century.The ghetto comprises 52 houses, including the school, in the courtyard of which the synagogue was built 1642. The old Jewish cemetery contains 2500 tombstones, the oldest from the end of the 15th century. The history of Kutna Hora is closely linked with silver mining. In the late 13th century, one third of Europe’s total production of silver came from this town. You can visit an old church of St. Barbara, Jesuit College and Italian Court, which served from 14th century as the central mint. Close to the town there is an unusual Church of All Saints in the village called Sedlec. The interior of the church is decorated with human bones.


full day

Trebic, Telc

full day

Cesky Krumlov

full day


It is a richly historical city set
into a harmonious landscape, has often been called a place of relligious tolerance and respect. From the hill, ...

The origins of the city are connected to the Benedictine monastery established in 1101. The city offers a whole range of attractions, such as ...

Built on a meandering bend
in the river Vltava around the originally Gothic castle
from the 13th century. Despite the passage of time, ...

Prague Sightseeing
1/2 day

Jewish Prague
3 hours

Terezin Memorial
5-6 hours

5 hours

Karlovy Vary
6–7 hours

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