Vida Neuwirthova - Your Prague guide

Vida Neuwirthova Your Prague guide 


   he price includes the guide, car and driver
- other arrangenments and entrance fees are not included

City Tour - 2 people /4 hrs/ - 160 EUR
                3-5 people /4 hrs/ - 180 EUR
Jewish Quarter - 2 people /3hrs/ - 70 EUR
                (just walking) 3-5 people /3 hrs/ - 80 EUR
Theresienstadt - 2 people /5-6 hrs/ - 220 EUR
                3-5 people /5-6 hrs/ - 250 EUR

For other tours it will be an individual price for a specific request.

Prague Sightseeing

1/2 day

Jewish Prague

3 hours

Terezin Memorial

5-6 hours


The tour takes you through the historic city centre. It starts usually at Strahov monastery with old library and Prague Castle. Then, ...

Josefov is name of Prague former Jewish Quarter, established as an independent fifth district within the territory of the Old Town of Prague ...

The fortress at Terezin was founded at the end of the 18th century by Emperor Josef II and was used as a bastion to prevent the entrance of ...

5 hours

Kutna Hora, Sedlec
5 hours

4 hours

full day

Trebic, Telc
full day

cell phone: 00420-608701823